Staking Tokens/LP Tokens

The following guide will describe how to stake your tokens in the VyFinance Token Vaults
- Locate “Token Vaults” or "LP Vaults"
- Select “Stake” on the vault you would like to stake within
this is to protect users from staking a small amount in a non-decimal earning token - this will take far to long for users to accumulate a whole number resulting in a poor user experience
Each vault has a minimum staking amount - if you enter an amount under the stated minimum, you will not be able to confirm the transaction and a red circle will appear around the staked amount
- Select the amount you would like to stake
- Select “Confirm”
- Select “Sign”
- Enter you NAMI spending password
- Select “Confirm”
Once your transaction is submitted a pop-up in the top right-hand corner will appear
- You can navigate to the NAMI wallet transaction tab to view the tokens being sent to the vault
- Once the sent tokens are visible within the transactions tab , refresh the page to view your staked tokens
Once you have successfully staked, you’ll be able to view how many tokens you have earnt