Tokenomics as set out in our white papers: https://vyfi-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/whitepaper.pdf
Total Supply/Full Diluted Market Cap: 450 million
In the beginning there will be a large supply that will enable Yield Farming for an extended period of time. Around 85% of the token supply will be locked to yield farms. Around 8% of the supply will be locked to our Treasury (Controlled by the governance token). The team will receive a 2.5% share of supply, and this will be vested over a period of 4 years. Our expected market cap at launch will be between 0.5% and 1.5% of supply (depending on how well our ICO preforms). This would give us a market cap between 2.25 – 6.75 million tokens on launch. Any amount that is left from this 1.5% after ICO will be locked equally between farms and the treasury.
It is worth noting that this will be with the Cardano token decimal count of 6. This is opposed to the typical 8 seen in most Cryptocurrencies.
Since ownership of the token is the only way to stake at the VyFi Bar, there is an inbuild distributive income from holding the token. As a percentage of all fee’s/investment earnings on the site will be used to purchase the tokens on a weekly basis, the price will inflate with use of the platform. The liquidity provision pay-out ratio for the yield farms will decrease with time, also creating a reduced supply as time passes. Furthermore, the combined income from the Auto-Harvester will be distributed as VYFI, creating a continuous upward pressure on our token from the liquidity aggregator.
How does VYFI enter circulation?
Through the yield farms. VYFI will be circulating with every block – at a decreasing rate until all 450 million have enter circulation.
Around 0.15% of total supply will be awarded through marketing, pre-ICO, ICO and airdrops. VYFI will also be obtainable through lending against the margin.
Distributive Token
VYFI can be staked at the Bar so users can share in the profits of the entire ecosystem. This incentivizes yield-farmers to hold the coin, as they gain access to income through doing so. Access to pools for other tokens across the Cardano ecosystem further incentivizes users to hold our token.