Staking NFTs

In the following guide we will show you how to stake your NFTs on VyFinance

- Locate the “NFT Vault” tab

- Select “Stake”

- Select how many NFTs you would like to stake

- You can stake multiple NFTs at once (This is done by increasing the quantity sent)

- Select “Stake”

- You can review what you’re sending through the “Transaction Sign Request” and the drop-down icon next to “Asset”

- After you have reviewed your transaction select “Sign”

- Enter your NAMI spending password

- Select “Confirm”

- Once the Transaction is submitted a notification will appear in the top right corner of the screen

- Wait for your NFT to be sent and then refresh the page

- You can view your transaction in the transactions tab (the third icon) on NAMI

- Once the platform receives the NFT you will be able to view:

• How many NFTs you have staked

• How long until you can harvest

• How many tokens earnt

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