Wallet Fracked

These troubleshooting steps can fix most surface level issues when using our platform

The “Wallet Fracked” error message can appear for users with a considerable amount of token/NFTs in their wallet.

This is due to the smart contract (CPU/mem limits) being confronted with the UTXO output bundle size.

Whenever interacting with defi is always recommended to have a wallet with as few assets as possible.

When confronted with this error you can try a couple of different methods to fix the issue.

Firstly, send all the assets needed for the transaction (along with 10ADA) to yourself, this will create a brand new UTXO that may fix the problem

If this does not help your wallet might be exceptionally fracked.

In this case you can use a tool like https://unfrack.it/ to help recover your wallet to a healthier state

For long term wallet use, you can turn on the “Token Fragmentation” feature in the settings to help keep your UTXO management in a better place

Some wallets (such as ETERNL) have a feature to keep your UTXOs managed correctly, this can help avoid fracked wallet issues

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