Liquidity Pools Principal Token

Every liquidity on our platform will have a Principal Token (PT) determined at the time of creation. Whenever a serve operation is conducted a serve operation is stored and will be converted to the PT of the liquidity pool, and then the serve will only send forwards the PT. Which tokens will be the principal token? The PT is determined by the pair that has been created. The following rules apply for PT determination: For all ADA/CNT pairs, ADA is the PT. For all VYFI/CNT pairs, VYFI is the PT. For all Stable/CNT pairs, the Stable-coin is the PT.

For all CNT/CNT pairs, users creates the PT (User that creates the pool) Be aware, due to our PT determination, CNT/CNT pairs can be created if and only if the PT of the pair already has an existing ADA, VYFI or Stable-linked LP.

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