VyFinance will be introducing Stakeless-LP Farming. Once a user has either deposited liquidity, or bought LP tokens from the market - they will instantly begin farming!
Farming will function on a 24 hour reward cycle, with a minimum of two cycles before users can access their first harvest. Every 24 hours, the rewards earnt by the user will be moved from "Estimated Rewards" to "Pending Rewards". All "Pending rewards" become available on the next reward cycle. TVL-gated farming outline: (UPDATED 05/24/23)
We want to ensure that our emissions are inline with the size of our platform. To assist with this, we are introducing TVL targets to manage the release of our farm. The targets are as follows: 0–5,000,000 ADA TVL: 40% of emissions 5,000,001–15,000,000 ADA TVL: 50% of emissions Emissions will then increase by 1% for every 1mil in TVL gained. This means we will reach 100% emissions at 65mil TVL. We will rebalance the pools on the 1st of every month, based on the average TVL for the month prior
We are implementing this structure to reduce downward pressure on our token in the circumstance that we do not meet the liquidity provision to support our full emissions rate.
For more information regarding our farming outline, check out: https://vyfinance.medium.com/farming-allocation-outline-b36ba1b05a4f
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