What is VyFinance? VyFinance is Decentralized Finance protocol built on Cardano. A Decentralized Finance protocol is a KYC-less system of OTC trading. KYC-Less implies that no identity confirmation is needed. Users simply connect their wallet and go about trading. VyFinance is developed by International Markets - to whom users can stake their tokens and participate in a profitable investment fund [soon to be Hedge Fund].
Also in conjunction with VyFi and IM, some of the minds from Propella.ai are helping us to make a Neural Net, which will have multiple functionalities on the platform.
What is the VYFI token?
VYFI is a Cardano Native Token (CNT), used across the VyFinance ecosystem for utilities including Governance, The Lottery and Token Vaults. What are some of the benefits of VyFinance over other DeFi?
  • Cardano makes for high speed, low cost transactions.
  • First token distribution mechanism on Cardano
  • Live impermanent risk calculations via Neural Net AI (COMING)
  • Australian-founded and in the process of full ASIC certification
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