How to Farm

Stakeless LP farming:

Users will only need to hold the LP tokens in their wallet to start earning rewards.

A simplified flow of farming:

Cycle 1 (0–24 hours) Estimated daily rewards shown

Cycle 2 (24–48 hours) Estimated rewards are moved to pending rewards.

Cycle 3 (48+ hours)

Pending rewards move to available rewards, at which point they are available to be harvested.

The timer is a release of reward tokens, rewards are constantly being calculated in the background

Farming Guide:

Once you have provided liquidity to a pool (with a farm) & have received the LP token in your wallet, the VyFarmer Icon will appear to indicate you are currently farming.

Once farming you can view your "Estimated Daily Rewards" (an estimate based on your pool ownership).

After holding your LP tokens for a complete "Reward Cycle", your "Estimated Daily Rewards" will move to "Pending Rewards". (Pending rewards from the previous cycle will move to available rewards)

Once the next "Reward Cycle" is complete your "Pending Rewards" will move to to "Available Rewards".

The following steps show how users can harvest their rewards

  • Select the "Details|Harvest" button

  • Select "Harvest" in the pop up message

  • Select "Sign"

  • Enter your wallets spending password

  • Select "Confirm"

Once your transaction has submitted you can view it by selecting the drop down menu in the top right hand corner, and selecting "Recent Transactions".

When harvesting on VyFinance, rewards from all farms will be harvested in the one transaction!


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