Farming Set Adjustments

With every farming set, we adjust the rate at which rewards are paid out to liquidity providers. We do this to ensure that our farms are as aligned as possible with the current usage of our platform. These changes take place on the 1st and 17th of every month at 00:00UTC.

The emissions delivered to each pair is rebalanced based on multiple factors. TVL, trading volume, transaction volume and Market Capitalization are the major metrics that the algorithm uses to determine farm allocation. This means that any farm has the capacity to grow or shrink in the rewards that they are receiving based on the net performance of the liquidity pool.

Farm Relegation As new liquidity pairs emerge on the DEx, we want to create a system that allows for fluid uptake of new farms. Any farm with less than 30,000 $ADA TVL has the capacity to be relegated. How farm relegation works Any farm that has below 30,000 $ADA TVL has the capacity to be relegated. For a pair to be eligible to receive a new farm, it must have a TVL of 30,000 $ADA or greater. At the beginning of every farming set, any pool without a farm that meets the required threshold in TVL will receive the emissions from the smallest pool receiving rewards on our DEx.

*Any token that has been relegated can earn their farm back by increasing their TVL above 30,000 $ADA*

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