The Serve Operation

The serve operation takes place in three rounds. Each round consists of the following steps: Step one: Check total value stored in ELP. Step Two: If the total value stored in ELP is greater than target value, serve ELP. Step Three: If the serve operation is conducted on $VYFI linked pair, serve to BAR. A Round will take place at a random time every 24 hours. The rounds are split into three sets: Set one: All CNT/CNT pairs Set two: All ADA/CNT pairs Set three: All VYFI/CNT pairs Each set has its own target value that the ELP must meet before step two of the round is performed. Target values are as follows: Set one: CNT/CNT pair contains > 10ADA locked in the ELP.

Set two: ADA/CNT pair contains > 50ADA locked in the ELP. Set three: VYFI/CNT pair contains > 100ADA locked in ELP. Given that these requirements are met, the round will complete and the ELP will be served.

On the next page we will give an example of our serve operation taking place.

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