Here you can find some answers to frequently asked questions on the VyFinance lottery!

Where do my ticket values come from?

To obtain the ticket values we take the transaction hash from the transaction the user purchased the tickets with. Starting from the right and working our way to the left we get the ticket values depending on how many tickets were purchased in that transaction. Here is an example:

Ticket Price: 10 VYFI User sent 40 VYFI and produced this transaction hash: 6771975b6b2671850bcd8de6bd48915b674d3d5990a5fc4fbf770298cb25d87a

Ticket 1: d87a Ticket 2: cb25 Ticket 3: 0298 Ticket 4: bf77

Where does the winning ticket value come from?

Every lottery round has a draw date. At that predefined draw date we take the first block produced after that date and get the winning ticket from the hash of that block.

For example, if that block was:


the winning ticket would be: d87a

What if there are no winners?

If the VYFI in the prize pool isn't won, it doesn't go to waste! Unclaimed VYFI rolls over to the next Lottery round.

My ticket matches several numbers but I can't claim a prize

Tickets are only eligible to win if the numbers/letters match from left to right.

Can I swap my tickets back to VYFI?

No, once purchased you will not be able to convert your tickets back into VYFI.

If I win, do I need to manually claim the prize?

Yes, you will need to click the "Check Now" button under the "Are you a winner?" section of the Lottery page. You can also view your tickets from previous rounds in the section below "Finished Rounds". For more information View our "How to Claim Lottery Rewards" tutorial

Why can I only buy 16 tickets per transaction?

You can only buy a maximum of 16 tickets in one purchase, but you can make multiple purchases. There's nothing to stop you buying more tickets after your first 16.

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