Convert a Multi-Address Wallet To A Single-Address With Eternl

Here you can find out how to change your Etnerl wallet from Multi-Address to Single-Address
Some apps in Cardano, such as vyfi.io, can have issues with multi-address wallets. Several operations may work but at some point there is a great chance you will run into an issue. This tutorial will show you how to convert your current multi-address Cardano wallet into a single-address wallet.
  • Open Eternl Wallet
  • Locate the "Settings" tab
  • Enable "Single address mode"
  • Enable "Send All"
  • Located the the "Receive" tab and copy your wallet address
  • Locate the "Send" tab and paste your wallet address into the "Receive Address" field and select "Next"
  • Select "Send All"
  • Select "Next"
  • Enter your wallet password and select "Sign"
  • After the transaction has gone through you can proceed back to the "Settings" tab
  • Disable the Send All feature. We recommend you leave this off.
  • Locate the "Account" tab
  • Select the "UTxO List" tab. Here you will see all your assets under the default address in a single UTXO
Your wallet has now been converted to a single address wallet and is ready to be used!