Transaction submit error Shelly Tx (long message)

These troubleshooting steps can fix most surface level issues when using our platform

This error is caused by having a large amount of assets in your wallet under a small amount of UTxOs. When building the transaction, cpu and memory limits of the validator are maxing out causing failure. The following Steps will clear this error, and also lower your network fees when interacting with our app.

1) First step to remedy this issue is to select the "cog" icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and toggle on "Token Fragmentation"

If this doesn't work continue to the second step

2) Please send the assets you are trying to stake (using in this transaction) + 5~10 ADA to the default address of your wallet. This can always be found at the top right of our app when connected with your wallet of choice.

ADAhandle users will need to select the dropdown menu where their handle is located and select wallet. Their default address will be displayed in the window that pops up

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